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Teeth Whitening Systems


Whats the difference? 

Here at Kuwaye Dental we offer two types of bleaching systems that you are able to choose from. 

We use one brand and that is Ultradent, which the founder was also a Loma Linda Graduate, like Dr Kuwaye the General Dentist at Kuwaye Dental, in Montebello, CA. 

1) Opalescence 10% Custom 

2) Opalescence 10% Go 

You first need to decide what fits your need? Then you can choose which product to choose.

Opalescence 10% Custom  

With this type of bleaching system you are in for the long hall of bleaching. This kit comes with custom molded trays that are individually customized to fit your teeth. The kit itself comes with 8(eight) 10% syringes that is enough to bleach your teeth for 2+ weeks. 10% is ADA recommended and is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to bleaching. 


Opalescence 10% Go 


With this type of bleaching system you have pre-fabricated bleaching trays that fit around your teeth. What is nice about this system is that you have 10 trays enough for 2 weeks of bleaching. There is no need to make custom fabricated trays. This system is nice when you have an party to go to and you just want to look your best. Think of these as Professional CREST white strips. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 

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