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3D Printing proud Sprint Ray users.

3D printing is the future of dentistry. With the scans from your mouth we are able to manipulate the object virtually to provide you services that would otherwise be impossible. Its amazing what we can do with 3D printing. 

Our Services


Study Models

Study models can be 3D printed and teeth can be studied physically. 

A great alternative to see something visually on the computer. 


Night Guards + BOTOX

Night Guards are designed and 3D printed in house. These appliances are helpful in protecting teeth from grinding (bruxing). 

Botox Can also be added in the masseters muscles to aid in grinding and clenching. 


Guided Surgery for Implants 

Guides for guided surgery are used to insure your implants are placed in the exact area needed. This is all extensively designed on the computer with CBCT imagining. 

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