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Crowns: which is better for you? 

No more black lines = Better Results
Pre-treatment Cavities Noted.
E-Max Crowns
Pre-Treatment Teeth
Porcelain on Zirconia Crowns

A General Dentist job is to make sure you have a great, healthy smile. 

When a patient gets a crown it's usually one of two situations. The first reason:  the cavity was so large that a conventional filling wouldn't work. The second would be that the patient broke a tooth, usually eating something or grinding. Conventional Porcelain on Metal crowns are a tried and true material. The inside is a metal coping that gives the crown support and it is what directly touches your tooth. The white part you see is called porcelain, and it is layered on the metal coping. Just like how a house is built on foundation. The problem with Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns is that after the years your gums drop called recession. Which exposes the black line on the bottom on your crown. Though not bad for your tooth, it leaves a very distinctive smile that some may become embarrassed.



Porcelain on metal crown. Its a metal coping with a porcelain layer on top. The bread and butter of dentistry it has shown its effectiveness over the years. 


Gold Crowns: A dying standard. 

Its amazing how long a Gold crown can last, however at Kuwaye Dental we are willing to place such beautiful restorations. 


BruxZir crown is used here exclusively for posterior crowns. BruxZir Crowns are an all Zirconia based crown which means NO metal. They are some of the toughest crowns around and come with a 7 year guarantee from breaking or cracking. They are so strong that even during adjustments they spark.


Again, when it comes to the front teeth you want a crown that looks great and natural. Here at Kuwaye Dental: E-max crowns are a lithium disilicate based crown which is almost a glass like structure. They are extremely beautiful life-like crowns.  Come for a consult and see the many options we have. ​​

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