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Dental Cleanings


Cleanings are important, and its good to get a good habit of getting at least 2 cleanings a year to support strong healthy teeth. 
Dr. Kuwaye, will specifically tailor the amount of cleanings to your specific need. There are usually two different types of cleanings  you need.  A simple cleaning or a deep cleaning. 

Simple Cleaning (Prophylaxis):  Dr Kuwaye will use a machine called a 'Cavitron'. A Cavitron is a machine that vibrates at a high rate of speed and expels water. We do this in order to remove stains and removed tarter above the gum. This is extremely important for adults and children to do a minimum of 2x a year. Again, Dr Kuwaye will taylor the amount of cleanings you need based on your need. 

Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing): A deep cleaning procedure is different, when you need a deep cleaning it is usually because you have something called Gum disease (periodontal disease) which will be explained in a later review. In this procedure we will record something called pocket's which tells the Dentist how extensive your gum disease is. During the time Dr. Kuwaye make sure you're numb and cleans under your gums. We usually divide the mouth in 4 parts and cleanings are done in 2 parts each, half of the mouth. 

Dental Exam 

Examining an X-ray

​The Dental Exam is the most important thing you can do for your overall health. It is important that you regularly schedule an examine with your General Dentist at least 2 times a year so that your dentist can examine your teeth and prevent further problems in the future. 

  • Diagnostic Xrays (radiographs): The doctor will examine and interpret your X-rays for you and interpret what he sees and catches anything that can prevented or fixed in the early stages. The more early we catch thing the less problems you have in the future. 

  • Oral Cancer Screening: The doctor will do a thorough examination of your soft and hard tissue, looking for any abnormalities, and informing you of anything he sees in your mouth. 

  • Gum Disease problems: The doctor will examine your gums, sometimes checking your gums with a probe that determines if you have Gum disease and what we can do to prevent it. 

  • Tooth Cavities: If you have any black spots, holes or sticky spots, Dr Kuwaye will inform you of your decay.

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