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Root Canals 

Better root canals = as painless as possible. 

What does this mean for you? An overall better experience. We understand that Root canals can be scary, and heard the stories of them being painful. We try our absolute best to make sure you're comfortable during your root canal procedure. 

How painful a root canal is usually depends if its actively infected. Don't delay we might need to give you antibiotics before any kind of definite procedure can be completed on your tooth.

A root canal is when you have a large cavity that has touched the nerve of your tooth. The nerve lies deep inside the tooth. Before any root canal is done we make sure that you are completely numb and your root canal experience is as pain free as possible. 
Kuwaye Dental uses the latest in rotary style cleaners and materials while using digital radiograph (X-ray system) that allows you to be removed from pain. We hope we never have to get to this, but sometimes it is a necessity. Dr. Kuwaye understands that not every root canal is easy, thus we are in network with specialist dentist (Endodontist) that can handle the toughest cases. 

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