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Guided Implant Surgery 

We Proudly Use Nobel Biocare Implants exclusively.

Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implant 

What is Guided Surgery

Guided surgery is when the doctor uses a guide that carefully angulates and regulates the direction in which the implant goes in.











Implant Dentistry is where you take an area that does not have a tooth and replace it with something. Usually the base is a screw like appliance called an implant. It is where the top part or the crown screws into. We know how scary it is to think of the idea of having a screw in your body, but just know that procedures and techniques have made this procedure easier then getting a root canal done. When you come into Kuwaye Dental inquire about the novel techniques we use at this General Dentistry office. 

There are three parts that that make up an Implant crown. 

  1. Implant: Can be made of any number of materials - most commonly a Titanium based screw. 

  2. Abutment: It is the middle man between the implant and the top white crown that you see in your mouth. It is actually screwed into the implant and used as a base for the crown to be placed on. 

  3. Screw Retained or Cemented Crown: This is the actual white part that you see in your mouth there are two different types screw retained which means you actually screw the crown into the implant and place a cover on top the crown. The other type is cemented where you actually cement the crown on top of the abutment (base). Each crown has its specific purpose and here at Kuwaye Dental we would be happy to discuss with you all the options. 

What are the steps of getting an implant 

  1. Tooth Extraction w/ Bone Graft: If you have a tooth that needs to come out, the usual process is we take the tooth out and place something called Bone Graft. Bone graft is like a lattice where your bone can grow on. We call this an Insurance policy and it is usually done to maintain the WIDTH of your bone. Even if you do not get an implant it is still a great options. We usually wait 4-6 weeks after this procedure to see if the grafting was successful. 

  2. Implant Placement: The implant is placed and allowed to become "one with the bone" we call this osteointegration. This process an unknown but can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Once the implant is concerned READY we are able to go to the next step. During this process you will have a little cap on the implant called a healing abutment. Which models the gum tissue and keeps debris out of the implant 

  3. An impression is taken of the implant, the Dentist usually determines what type of technique he will use (closed vs open tray) they will send this impression of your tooth to the lab where they will make your crown. usually can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. 

  4. Delivery! After this long process you are finally excited to replace your empty space with a tooth. 

The process can take anywhere from 4-6 months from start to finish so know that it is a PROCESS. Cost is the most common drawback when it comes to implants but just think of what other object you are going to use and see EVERYDAY potentially for the rest of your life. The success rate is over 95%+ (10 years) which is amazing for this type of restoration. They are many payment options and plans that we here at Kuwaye Dental are willing to discuss. 

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